Organic Seed Advent Calendar 2019

It's totally crazy, but somehow it can't be changed: Since August the gingerbread is already in the supermarket and from mid-September you can buy the first exemplars of our organic seed advent calendar.

I am proud to announce that

This year there are two different versions of our Organic Seed Calendar:

  • Organic-Seed-Advent Calendar - Vegetable, herb and flower rarities
    The third version of our well-known Advent calendar with organic seeds for ambitious self-supporters, hobby gardeners, urban gardeners and all those who enjoy gardening, plants and nature.
  • >Organic-Seed-Advent Calendar - Colorful Wildflowers, Perennials & Summerflowers
    For the first time in limited edition an Advent calendar with organic seeds for lovers of flowers in general and people who want to sow plants for bees, bumblebees and butterflies.
Both versions are now available online while stocks last...