Colourful Nectar Plants (Organic) - Seed kit
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Colourful Nectar Plants (Organic) - Seed kit

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Seed kit
Label d'agriculture biologique
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Plantes à nectar colorées (Bio) – Coffret cadeau de semences
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This seed set contains the following colourful flower varieties, which are good food plants for bees, bumble bees or butterflies:
  • Garden nasturtium/ monks cress/ Indian cress organic (Tropaeolum majus)
    The garden nasturtium grows as an annual plant with garland-like, trailing stems and lots of extraordinarily large, vibrant orange-yellow flowers, in our climate. Their sharp flavour is surprisingly pronounced and not unlike cress.
  • Golden everlasting/ strawflower organic (Xerochrysum bracteatum)
    Colourful permanent bloomer and butterfly magnet in summer. Excellent as a cut and dried flower.
  • Common hollyhock assortment otganic (Alcea rosea)
    The beautiful flowers should not be missing in any garden. They are particularly decorative along fences and walls.
  • Black-eyed Susan 'Chocolate Orange' organic (Rudbeckia hirta)
    Annual summer flower with unusual colour gradient. An eye-catcher for late summer and autumn, which attracts many insects.
  • Tickseed 'Mahagony Midget' organic (Coreopsis tinctoria)
    This variety is a real rarity among the tickseed varieties due to the special bright rust red coloured flowers. A great permanent flowering plant for the flower bed.
  • Foothill poppy organic (Eschscholzia caespitosa)
    A real rarity: The fragile continuous bloomer from North America in bright yellow.
The seeds of each flower variety are packaged in a separate sachet.

You will receive lovingly produced seeds from certified European organic farms. Of course, MagicGardenSeeds GmbH is also certified and regularly inspected by the control body: DE-ÖKO-037.
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