Fragrant Wild Roses - Seed kit
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Fragrant Wild Roses - Seed kit

with seeds for 3 different shrub rose varieties - for plant cultivation experts

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Kit cadeau de graines
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Kit cadeau de graines
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The rose as 'queen' of the flowers is surely known to anybody. However, most people surely rather see a variety of the splendid breedings in their mind's eye than a slightly more inconspicuous wild rose. These varieties can still be found nearly
without any breeder's intervening in their original shape as nature created them. Most often, they are shrub roses that only bloom once per year and often form unfilled smaller rose blooms. Although, the wild rose scent is often legendary and beguiling and wild roses are an eyecatcher in autumn/ winter because of the many bright red rosehips. The rough beauties are also beloved by bees and many more useable insects, which harvest the nectar, as well as by bees. The red rosehips are a great food for them and, apart from that, are also suitable for the preparation of tea, jam, and liqueur.

This seed set contains seeds for 3 very useful wild rose varieties:
  • Musk Rose (Rosa moschata)
  • Japanese Rose (Rosa rugosa)
  • Brier (Rosa canina)
Rose seeds often need two years for germination. To accelerate the process, carefully scratch the seeds first and conduct an artificial cold stratification: Therefore, mix the seeds with moist sand in a plastic bag. Keep the bag warm and moist (approx. +27-32°C) in the first 2-4 weeks and place it in the fridge at a temperature of +3°C for 4 months afterwards and watch regularly if the seeds germinate. It's not quite simple to cultivate roses from seeds. You need very much patience.
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