Artichaut violet 'Violetto di Chioggia' (Cynara cardunculus)
Artichaut violet 'Violetto di Chioggia' (Cynara cardunculus) #0 Artichaut violet 'Violetto di Chioggia' (Cynara cardunculus) #1 Artichaut violet 'Violetto di Chioggia' (Cynara cardunculus) #2 Artichaut violet 'Violetto di Chioggia' (Cynara cardunculus) #3 Artichaut violet 'Violetto di Chioggia' (Cynara cardunculus) #4 Artichaut violet 'Violetto di Chioggia' (Cynara cardunculus) #5

Artichaut violet 'Violetto di Chioggia' (Cynara cardunculus)

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'Violetto di Chioggia' is a traditional Italian artichoke variety, which is known for its beautiful purple-green heads.

Artichokes (Cynara scolymus) are the epitome of all edible flowers and are an ancient agricultural plant, originating from the Mediterranean, tracing back to the first century.
Nevertheless, it was only in the 15th century that artichokes were introduced in Great Britain and France. We see artichokes more commonly in domestic gardens today, where they are not only an exotic eye-catcher but also very useful.
It is even possible to grow artichokes in pots on the balcony, however in this case, it is essential to use a container with a minimum volume of 20L.

Artichokes also carry medicinal agencies and were named 'Medicinal plant of the year 2003'. They have a stimulating effect on liver and gall bladder, boost low appetite and reduce elevated cholesterol levels.

Package with 20 artichoke seeds

Growing instructions
  • Germination period: If cultivation as perennial is desired, it is recommended to start the seeds as pre-culture indoors, from the beginning of March. After 5-8 weeks and once the seedlings developed at least 3-5 leaves and went through a hardening period, they can be transferred outdoors. If an annual cultivation is preferred, the pre-culture ought to be started already in January.
  • Sowing depth: 3-5cm
  • Germination temperature: +20-25°C
  • Spacing: In domestic gardens, artichoke plants, which take up quite a bit of room, are often positioned by themselves.
  • Planting distance: 100 x 100 cm
  • Location: Artichokes prefer to be sheltered from wind in sunny locations, however, permanent sunshine should be avoided
  • Soil requirements: Artichokes thrive in sandy, nutrient-rich soils, preferring a warm and humid habitat, for their deep growing root system.
  • Care instructions: Before transferring the young plants outdoors, it is recommended to loosen the ground and to work in nutrient-rich humus, deep enough to cater for the deep root system. At the beginning it is recommended to weed regularly, until the artichoke plants are well established. In order to develop plenty of flower buds, regular and generous watering is required. When cultivated as annual plants, it is important to choose new locations for the young plants each year (leave existing spots to rest for about 4 years) as they are not compatible with themselves.
  • Harvest: Annual artichokes start to ripen from the beginning of June. Perennial artichokes mature a little later, from the beginning of July. The harvesting period tends to last 6-8weeks. It is advisable to cut the firm, closed 'buds' from the main shoots first and then the crops from the lateral shoots. It is possible to keep artichokes for up to two weeks in the fridge.

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