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Anis vert (Pimpinella anisum)

Label d'agriculture biologique
Anis vert (Pimpinella anisum)
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N° d'article
Quantité de graines:
500 Pcs.
Nom botanique:
Anisum odoratum, Apium anisum, Carum anisum, Pimpinella anisum, Ptychotis vargasiana, Selinum anisum, Seseli gilliesii, Sison anisum, Tragium anisum
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Aniseed belongs to the umbelliferous plants and, like many of its relatives, is a traditional and versatile spice and medicinal plant. In the summer it bears many small white flowers and smells very characteristic.

After flowering in the late summer, the seeds are harvested. The culture of anise in the Mediterranean has already taken place more than 4,000 years ago, while its wild form is unknown nowadays. It is cultivated as an annual plant and is used as a bread spice, in meat dishes and especially around Christmas in gingerbread or cookies. It is also a highly appreciated aromatic ingredient of liqueurs and liquor in its extracted form as aniseed oil - Ouzo, Raki and Pastis are just some of the examples.

Less common is the culinary use of the herbal parts or tflowers, but they also give a pleasant taste. A classic combination, both medically and culinarily, is fennel, aniseed and caraway.

Because of its antibacterial and aromatic properties, the oil is also used in a variety of medical and cosmetic prodcuts, where it is mainly used to cover less pleasant tastes of the other ingredients. Breastfeeding mothers are often recommended to drink anise tea to promote milk production.

approx. 500 anise seeds

Growing instructions

Annual plant. Aniseed can be sown directly from April to June into the open air. Since the seeds need light to germinate, scatter the only lightly on the substrate or sow them broadcast. The germination period can take 1-3 weeks. Harvest the seed in late summer.

En savoir plus: description et entretien

Famille de plantes:
Hauteur de la plante env.:
30–70 cm
Système racinaire :
Racines profondes
Couleur des fleurs:
Période de floraison :
Août, Juillet, Juin
Lieu semi–ombragé, Protection contre le vent, Soleil
Besoins en eau:
Cycle de vie :
Rusticité au froid jusqu'à:
Pas résistant au froid

Semis et culture

Temps de semis à l'extérieur:
Août, Avril, Juillet, Mars
Profondeur de semis:
5 cm, A besoin de lumière pour germer
Température optimale de germination :
15 – 25 °C
Temps de germination (jours):
7 – 21
Distance de plantation env.:
30 x 20 cm
Temps de récolte principale:
Août, Septembre

Culture associée

Autres noms

Noms allemands :
Anis–Bibernelle, Brotsamen, Runder Fenchel, Römischer Fenchel, Süßer Kümmel


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