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Digitale pourpre (Digitalis purpurea)

Digitale pourpre (Digitalis purpurea)
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The purple foxglove, like its siblings, is a very traditional, yet poisonous herbaceous plant. With its bell-shaped dark blue inflorescences, which supposedly serve as dwellings, gloves or hats for elves in many mythological tales, it is very
decorative. It is considered a pioneer plant and likes to spread on cleared forest grounds.

The plant got its name foxglove from a tale in which some wicked elves gave its flowers to foxes as gloves, so they could enter sheds and pens silently and steal hens, geese and chicken. It is common to all narratives about the plant that it attributed magic effects and a connection to the netherworld of some sort.

Historically, it has been used in popular medicine, but it is extremely difficult to dose, so that acute poisonings during therapy attempts were not uncommon. Its most well-known application is in the form of various digitalis preparations, which are enormously effective in combatting heart failure and age-related cardiac insufficiency. The contained cardiac glycosides strengthen the heart muscle and regulate it the heart rate.

The plant is very poisonous and should not be planted in gardens where toddlers or animals play!

Content approx. 10000 purple foxglove seeds

Growing instructions

Biennial herbaceous plant which can reach up to 2 meters in height in the second year. Direct sowing in the spring or summer, broadcast directly into the flowerbed. It may be necessary to mix the small seeds with some sand to facilitate the sowing. They also require light for germination, so do not cover them completely with soil. The red foxglove grows well in half shade, but it can also thrive in the shade under good conditions. For this purpose it requires loose, permeable, acidic and uniformly moist soil and high humidity.

En savoir plus: description et entretien

Famille de plantes:
Hauteur de la plante env.:
50–150 cm
Couleur des fleurs:
Blanc, Pink, Rose, Rouge, Violet
Période de floraison :
Août, Juillet, Juin
Lieu semi–ombragé, Soleil
Besoins en eau:
Cycle de vie :
Rusticité au froid jusqu'à:
–25 °C

Semis et culture

Préculture intérieur :
Avril, Mai, Mars
Temps de semis à l'extérieur:
Août, Juillet, Septembre
Profondeur de semis:
A besoin de lumière pour germer
Température optimale de germination :
15 – 22 °C
Temps de germination (jours):
10 – 20
Distance de plantation env.:
35 x 35 cm

Culture associée

Autres noms

Noms allemands :
Fuchskraut, Handschuhkraut, Klapprause, Platzblume


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