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Kit de graines: 'Jusquiame noir et blanc', 2 variétés

Herbes aux sorcières et plantes médicinales - Hyoscyamus niger et albus

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Kit de graines: 'Jusquiame noir et blanc', 2 variétés
Kit de graines: 'Jusquiame noir et blanc', 2 variétés #0 Kit de graines: 'Jusquiame noir et blanc', 2 variétés #1 Kit de graines: 'Jusquiame noir et blanc', 2 variétés #2 Kit de graines: 'Jusquiame noir et blanc', 2 variétés #3 Kit de graines: 'Jusquiame noir et blanc', 2 variétés #4
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The henbanes (Hyoscyamus) are a particular genus of flowering plants and belong to the nightshade family. Depending on their variety and the time of year they are sown, they may turn out to grow as annual-, biennial-, or perennial plants.
Amongst their main characteristics are their unusual appearance and their pronounced scent, which is released from their flowers and often proofs to be challenging to sensitive noses. The leaves of the henbanes are often furry. The flowers are commonly bell-, or cup-shaped and range from goldish-yellow, yellowy-white, dusty-purple to off-white colour variations. In addition, some of the flowers appear as if they have been covered by a dark net.

For this seed kit we selected the two most known henbanes:
The black and the white henbane varieties.

Henbane plants contain the highly toxic substances hyoscamine and scopolamine and therefore may have a narcotic effect and act as a hallucinogenic agent. This knowledge was already put into the service of medical treatments in ancient history, however, great care and caution was essential, as the plant extracts could cause life endangering side effects. Consequently the plant still carries the nicknames 'witch-plant' or 'witch-herb'. The henbanes are beautiful and an unusual addition to the garden, however, it is advisable to take great consideration and care, in regards to its possible location.

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Jusquiame noire (Hyoscyamus niger)
1Jusquiame noire (Hyoscyamus niger)
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Jusquiame blanche (Hyoscyamus albus)
1Jusquiame blanche (Hyoscyamus albus)
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